ume; she’s a bit of a cosplayer

I misseded heeerrrr <3



It's rather easy to shine in the light
but to glow in the dark... that's mastery

OH EM GEE <3 my heart stopped for a second when i saw this so pretty :0





When I’m trying to convince people to watch OITNB

Prison is fucking funny. Please stop glamorizing shit that isn’t cool. Meth dealers, Hard core biker gangs, Prison, just stop this shit. Why the hell do you think so many kids end up in jail.. BECAUSE WE SHOW THEM BULLSHIT PRISONS!!!

My question for you is have you seen the show? 

OINTB is a comedic and entertaining show. It has funny one-liners and quirky characters yes, but that is not the core of the show. I’d encourage anyone to watch the show not because it is funny but because of the integrity of the characters and the depth of stories involved. The show is partially based off of the experiences of Piper Kerman’s book about her time in prison and her story. The show itself highlights individual characters with relatable back stories, and shows that inmates in prison are not defined by their crimes. They had lives before prison and they will have lives whether or not they stay in prison- why? Because they are people. It doesn’t glamorize anything or trivialize what happens in real prisons. Plot lines in the show discuss issues such as racism, sexism, sexual violence, transgender rights, corruption and exploitation… and much more. Last, but definitely not least the cast is phenomenal diverse group of women; each one adds something different and unique. 

It’s an amazing show, watch it and give it a chance before you say something like that. It will surprise you. 


*looks around*

It’s been a while peoples…





in case u all forgot this commercial from 2007

nobody forgot 

i was TRYING to forget, actually

Am I the only one who was concerned about why and how his briefcase moved?

This commercial was is and always will be everything…



I wish you could save/make ‘presets’ in CAS for eyes nose etc

I&#8217;ve been feeling this way for Idk how long



I wish you could save/make ‘presets’ in CAS for eyes nose etc

I’ve been feeling this way for Idk how long



I need to reblog this again because this cat’s face

you can see it counting down from ten in its head

lol that bird is about to be dinner…

I got to play my game a bit and take pics today yaaayyy

*happy dance*



Idk boredom in CAS. I was thinking of a Melanesian girl I saw once so…

I love her!


why cant u play it? :O
Because my computer is having issues atm so I’m trying to wait until I can get it fixed before I play… but I don’t wanna :(

I just wanna play my gaaammmeeee

*Cries a lot*

<.< when I can’t fucking figure out someones theme <.<